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Past Bradley info/Quotes/Props/Wyte Mike Information/Evan Info


Let me start off by saying that this was my best semester of school yet. I can't believe it is almost over in a few days. Although my friends who graduated in December probably will never read this I would like to give them a shout out. Congratulation to my boy Jesse aka Uncle J and Brooks aka Bru-ha. You guys did it, 8 years later. This was also the best weekend I've had up here.

12/5. I do not think I have ever been this scared in my life of anything. This is the first night of Terps. Terps is a club on campus of primarily really hot girls who dance. The terps show is like a modern dance recital except with modern music, sexy outfits and skits. That is where I come in. Me, Cast, Corey, and Lauren we're selected to be the hosts of the show. Along with being hosts we also had to put skits together. We has barely any time to prepare but it worked out in the long run. It pretty much sells out every night at about 600 people. Times that by 3 you got 1800 people to see KrackaJackLaz. To prepare for the show on Thursday me and Aaron went to the China Buffet. I was so scared. Finally it came time for show time. We worked our asses off and it was time. The crowd was the best Thursday night. I'll run down my skits. I start off by doing a character Lance from the Hartwick swim team. Hartwick is the snobby private school college down the road. In this I wore glasses and a tight sweater with an H on it. All I do is bash Oneonta. People went ape shit because they knew that it was stereotyping Hartwick. Another thing I did was stand up comedy. Thursday was the best night for it. I had a heckler and I made him my bitch. The crowd went ape shit. My biggest skit of the night was the Chippendale. I wore my old Chippendale outfit with a mullet. It goes as f I want to try out  for the show. I just strip to I'm too sexy. ANother thing I do is portray a nerdy character who freestyles. Then I went into the crowd to try to make amends with the heckler. I made a fool out of him. For Friday and Saturday instead of screwing with a heckler I had kids dance on stage. One was a good break dancer the other just really talented. The highlight was on Saturday's show when I wrapped myself up in Chanukah lights and sang I'm a lonely jew. Crowd loved it and sang along. Finally my big finale was a night at the roxbury skit. It kind've wasnt funny, it was just fun and goofy. People liked it though. Friday night it was taped for the college tv station, so of course I fucked up that night in one of my things. All in all people loved it. I over staged the dancing itself. Let me tell you how hot the girls in it are. They are so hot, I got to touch them in my Night at the ROxbury skit. Friday and Saturday Night when I went out people recognized me. I felt like a local celebrity hero. It feels good for people to know me. The best was when I left a bar and 3 hot girls ran up to me and went to crazy. They took a picture with me. It was unreal. I know I sound conceited the way I talk bout myself but you know what? For 4 years I get to be a half celebrity on campus from Mills Lane, to my radio sow, to hosting Terps, to hosting the talent show, and to my new sketch comedy show next semester, it feels good. I know that once I graduate college it will be hard to make a reputation for myself like the one I have now. In college just like in Cheers, everybody knows my name. Once college is done, It will be time to enter the real world where it will be a lot harder to make a name for myself.

Just when I think this weekend can't get any better it does. Sunday I go to the December graduation ceremony to see a few of my friends off. Also Steve gives a speech and we make fun of him. To celebrate we have the best meal I've ever had in my life. All cooked at my friends apartment. We have lobster, steak, potatoes, salad, corn, cheese and cracker, wine, pie and ice cream. I eat like a god. To top the weekend off watch Sopranos season finale and go to sleep watching Girls Gone Wild: Dorm room fantasies. It did upset me because they didn't show any dorms. Go figure anyway I'll be home in a few days so this is the last update of the semester. So let me re-cap this semester I have a radio show that's doing great, I met a ton of new people, I hosted on the biggest shows of the year, I had lobster, I had a ton of parties, I've been making out with random chick, and oh yea I'm doing good in my classes if that matters to you. Well see all of you in a few days.

-Brad "KrackaJack" Lazarus


It is Friday. Let's see I probably skipped class. Ok I remember now. Just like the Meatloaf song it's all coming back to me now. The Wednesday before I got screwed out of my mass communications classes. So I set up a meeting with the department chairman. I bitched about how there are no classes. So he created 2 more classes. I am the man. Later on I went with Steve to help prepare a display board for open house and set up for a party. Originally I was going to paint stuff on it, but I screwed up in the beginning. I covered the paint up with bumper stickers and pictures. It isn't too bad. Party at Ruffinos. Not that many people came but a decent amount showed up. There was so much beer, we got so drunk. I don't know anything else that happened except that I have to be up at 9 for open house

Saturday 11/9

I woke up at 9 o'clock for open house. I keep on calling Steve since he is my ride there. Finally I wake him up and we are off to represent WONY. This is the biggest open house ever, about 3000 potential Oneontaites. I met a ton of people and suckered a bunch of people into coming here and joining the radio station. I take a nap and wake up. Decide to go to Webster Hall DJ's at the school. Me and Steve drink leftover beer from the party the night before. Then before we are off to catch the bus, we fill Sprite bottles up with Bacardi. I get drunk and dance with many beautiful girls. Around 1 me, vicki, and jaimie leave and go to Walmart. I get yelled at by a security guard for screaming out "they don't have menorah's but they have poppycock"

11/12 Tuesday

After a quick senate meeting it is Jaime's 21st birthday. I give her a certificate that enables her to a free cup at my birthday party. We all go to the OST and get really drunk in honor of her parents doing it 21 years ago.

11/13 Wednesday

Sean (from high school) comes and visits me from Binghamton. He is a guest on my radio show. It is a great show we reminisce and my parents even wish me a happy birthday on air. We then go to Subway for dinner then the bars. We go to Freddie's. I give the bouncer my id, asks what he's supposed to do with it, but let's me in. When we are there Leigh picks up some girl. Her and her friend come back to Fairview. In the light it was anything but a Fairview

11/14 Thursday

Play shraids in improv class. Then go to lunch with Sean and Leigh. We watch CKY3 then Sean goes home.

11/15 Friday

One night before the big day. I go to Vinnie's house. Evan, Vicki, Paul, Richardo and some weird kid Carl is there. Carl is some boy who Evan met at Open house, and decided to visit the school a week later. We play monopoly!!!! At 12 they surprise me with a cake. I do like little gestures like this. It was really nice.

11/16 Saturday: Birthday Mother F^cker!!!!!

This day is a day that culminates with my party. Beanie takes me to Wal Mart. I buy fruit for the punch and cups. The kegs come, blah blah blah. We make punch, which I like to call the "Lie Detector". I call it this because we used 160 proof vodka to give it the right kick. All my friends from school come. I'll run down the highlights:

1) I got birthday cards
2) Jamie and Vicki made me cookies and bought me a b-day cake
3) I made quite the profit
4) I made out with 3 girls
5) One of the girls I made a deal with. I told her if she'd make out with me I'd give her a free cup. Let's just say I gave her 3 cups
6) I funneled beer with the 160 proof vodka
7) I got it on video
8) Everybody had a great time
9) I was piss drunk
10) I am 1 year closer to being 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright i apologize, i have been very busy with school work im gonna think as hard as i can about what i did in the last 3 weekend

10/7/02,friday i thin
This was the day the whole clique were to come up to visit me. In addition we also had a massive keg party. There were over 80 people in my house. Everybody was getting wasted. People were funneling vodka and straight up sunny delight. crazy times in oneonta. the whole time i tried to remain sober just in case joe and co. were to get lost. everybody leaves, i clean up with rob. finally round 1:00 ish everybody shows up.

10/8/02 saturda

We finally walked down the huge hill in my backyard that leads to a swamp. I feared for my life while sean and joe were true brave men. we're bored so i take everybody to the radio station. nobody was on air (thanks paula). so i went on for a bout 30 min, evan did his ladies man voice. he asked a caller what his query is. good times. we decide that since not everybody is 21, we go to turning stone casino. we stop off first in cooperstown. unfortunately the baseball hall of fame was closed which means everything else around it is too. we ate at sals pizzeria (went there over summer with camp. we make it to turning stone. im down 70 dollars, so i make a 100 dollar roulette bet. thankfully win. i am up 30 dollars. i end the night that way, being the only clique member to bank in

10/7/02 Weeken

I don't remember much that happened this weekend except for another party at ruffinos. this was a real good party. i meet up with alexia there. cuds from the marines is up. anyway i meet up with one of my trainees katie. we have a little thing for each other. she has a boyfriend, but it didnt matter that night. we were making out like we were in 10th grade. the highlight was when we made out on my old couch that was in the middle of the hallway. the funniest thing of the night was when my friend vicki, asked if she was cock blocking. nothing like a girl saying i

Later that week I think

I go to a program on wolves with vicki, evan and jamie. during it the guy asks for people to howl with the wolves. i go first and turns out i was the only one who did it. very embarrassing. the highlight of the day came when we went to sbarros afterwards. I had a chicken parm sandwich and there was a bone in it. I didn't mind, but vicki ran to the counter and told the manager about it and got me a free garlic knot and baked ziti. The funny part is that two student managers come up and ask if I was the guy who was choking. So I went with it. I said " if i were to have choked and died the hunt union would've been called the lazarus union. very funny at the time

10/14 weekend

friday night i go to melissa's and crew and make the baked ziti with garlic bread. we watch peter pan. i go hom

saturday night: i got to bar


This is really weird. I have been really starting to hang out with the senators now. I am having a great time with them. Friday night we all meet at vicki's house. I pick up a case of labatt's. The highlight of the night would be me smashing 15+ beer cans over my head. I had to sleep on my back, because whenever my forehead would touch the pillow it would hur

10/24 or Tuesda

This is the night before we go home for the 4 day weekend. So I treat it like a thursday. me, vicki, and jamie go to the bar. they see their boyfriends, but it doesnt look like any solid connections, although they do go home with them. i have a good time meet up with brooks, foley, and uncle j. i eventually go back to foley's and stay there till 4, interesting shit. the low points of the night were in orde

1) vicki and jamie ditch me for their boyfriend
2) nikolai wants to stay at my apartmen
3) i get puked on at the OST as i leave the bathroo

Wed I come home till Sunday. If you cared bout me you would have saw me and you wouldn't need this update. The highlights were. Friday night me, sean, joe, chrissss, and will see jackass the movie. nothing can beat a guy sticking a hotwheel car up his ass and taking x ray pictures. i also saw my campers there. they id'd everybody who went to the movie including the 30 yr old guys in front of me


I meet up with senate people for an upper west side bar crawl. it is me, evan, gross, her roommate, vicki, richardo, and scott we get really drunk from 2-10pm. the one thing i don't understand is why is it so much f#^$ing easier to get into well established bars in nyc as opposed to oneonta, a college town with a drinking problem. all in all a good nigh


i wake up bright and early and receive a phone call from matt. he told me about his halloween show. wouldn't give me details. i leave class early and arrive at the station. i find out there is a funnel of death trivia contest between me and steve. if you get a question wrong first you have to funnel 4 cups of apple cider, then milk, then chocolate milk. luckily i am the king of useless trivia. i funneled about 4 times, while steve funneled 7. he puked rapidly after the 3 and 7. i won the contest. i come home and take the worst 45 min shit ever. feel better after. nothing can beat this day except for a night class till 8:00. anyway i ran home from the bus stop like a kid chasing the ice-cream man. i change immediately into my costume of a redneck hunter. i have an orange jumpsuit, bubba teeth, mullet, bandana and bow and arrow. i was crazy. so i go to neighbors who were having a party. pounded a few beers, went to ruffinos. i met up with mario (matt) and luigi (steve) along with nelly (brooks). we drank there then went to mott's. it was a good time. i was nominated for best costume. sadly mario and luigi robbed me. still a great time, went back to ruffinos, then the sip. supposed to be costume contest never happened and went to the ost. later rochelle orders dominos. i only bring this up to segway into tomorrow

11/1 Frida

i wake up for my 10. keep in mind i need to do a 10 min presentation which i have worked on all semester. so i go to drink the brita, and there is a hairball in it. so combined with the funnel of death, beer, and dominos i puked for about 5 minutes. since then i haven't touched the brita. For my presentation i show clips of george carlins routine and a video scared straight. luckily half way into my presentation, i reached the 10 min mark. i was very relieved. later that day i went to vinnies smoked the new cigars and had chinese and drank a 40 of old english. someone thought of the idea to go to turning stone at 2 am. we take some fucked up route. pretty much we played lost in central ny for 3 hours. i got home at 5am

11/2 Saturda

I get woken up at 11 by my sister. She comes over about 1ish. Nothing to do so we go to the bars. I go to the OST give the new lady my id. She asks what she is supposed to do with this. I tell her serve me, then got pissed and told me never to show her the id again, but serves me anyway. we then see mel, jen and shamar talk to them. go to the rail, then as we walk home. i pass vicki's house, and scream her name. she finally hears me, is excited and lets us in. we hang out with her and jamie for a little bit. then make our wake to brooks. sister is happy that you can get a chicken and rib combo meal for under 8 dollars. We then go home and get ready for a party on center. Leigh comes along. We get to the party, i see a lot of people i know. my sister meets people and had a great time, even did a keg stand. highlight my friend puked on his girlfriend. we then leave go to the ost, try freddy's but cop is at door. he then follows me like in the movie airheads. very scary, see foster go to today's then tinos. get ride home and that was that.

Anyway that was I guess my October weekend, the condensed version. This is definitely my favorite year of school to date. Still have no girlfriend, but I'm trying my best. Every decent girl in Oneonta had a boyfriend. If you'd like to know more bout my boring life e-mail me at
lazman316@aol.com. Until next weekend, or month take care of yourself and each other

-Brad "KrackaJack" Lazaru

I'm not sure what I did today. Except today is Thursday. Well, one of the highlights was in improv class. Me and my roommate Aaron paired off and we did a skit together. My objective was that I was a mail man and just wanted to deliver the mail, his objective was to get my shit. It was so funny. Then afterwards he still wanted my stuff. That day I went to the station and removed bumper stickers from the doors, because we are totally painting the whole station. Then went to maintenance to get the WONY sign up in the IRC. It will be up starting Monday till October break.


TGIF, I miss that every Friday night. Anyway it is finally Friday. I skipped my math class to go to the station. I was expecting bumper stickers all day. Finally I get pissed and call up. They said it was delivered a few hours ago. I pick it up in the mailroom. The bumper stickers are sick and everybody likes them. I designed them. I then go to the gym, afterwards take a nap till 8. After my nap I wake up and go to Uncle J's, Steve's and Foley's, I will refer to it as Ruffinos from now on. I get there they are piss drunk. I take Steve's license and car and go to Hess and pick up a case and a 12 pack of Beast. The guy looks at my id for a little bit, laughs then sells me the beer. We get back there, and the drinking is a little slow. Finally we break out the funnel. I haven't funneled since prom weekend, and was scarred since. We funneled about 30 beers b/w 5 guys plus other beer we drank normally. We headed over to Mott's house for a keg party. I can't get into too many details here. Oh yea we pick up to girls in front of Autumn Cafe and bring them with us. Drink a little bit a beer then me and Steve walk back to Ruffinos. Everybody is there. We drink a little bit more then stumble to the bars. We split up, I wander into the nudie bar. Meet up with them at Today's with Addie and Renee. These girls are piss drunk. Let's just say it got real scummy not just on my part. Highlight Addie passed out in Steve's bed, we drew on her stretch marks and all over her, then literally 4 of us threw her out. Matt also egged a car from his window with a kid in it. All in all a great night but really dirty.


I wake up and go to the bathroom. Matt calls and says there is a radio problem. I call him back and tell me to get ready because we are going to Cortland. So anyway 10 min later they stop by. We decided to wear shirts and ties out. So we leave get a bite from BK then arrive in Cortland. We stay at Matt's friend Adam's house. They smoke pot, right when they are done cops come for a noise violation, then leave. We make our way to Aileene's house. They got a keg. Aileen bit my ear freshman year in a bagel store in Cortland. We get drunk play fuck the dealer, asshole then flip cups. I hit on one of my teammates. Turns out she is a "dyke"  and makes out with her girlfriend. I would've loved a 3 way kiss. We go to the bars. I hit on every girl I see. I was close to getting with one girl, but then just like everything in my life, I just miss out. Good night and very spontaneous.


We drive back to Oneonta. I do nothing all day. Watch Sopranos then in about an hour Jerry Springer uncensored on ppv. I think the episode is entitled, "I refuse to wear clothes"

What a good f*cking weekend. See most of you next weekend.

-Brad "Kracka Jack" Lazarus
I apologize for lack of updates I have been extremely busy. This better make it up to you. If you still want to know more e-mail me at LazMan316@aol.com .

The Saturday night before I went to my friends house at Ruffinos. They know so many hot girls. We played a little beer pong. I got to see my friend who is in the marines. He came up for the weekend. Last year we were scared he was going to be sent to battle, but instead he is stationed in south Carolina and goes to myrtle beach every weekend. After Rufinos I was piss drunk and went to the bars. On Sunday I was elected Public Relations Director for WONY. It really means a lot to me since I work my f*cking ass of there. Besides that nothing productive with my life except finish the movie "JFK" this was a long 4 day process for me. I believe Oliver Stone's theory of more than one gunman is correct, but we will find the truth in 2025 when JFK's autopsy report will be release


I had classes from 10-1. Then after classes I went to the gym as usual. I had to go back to campus for a radio E-board meeting at 4. The meeting started off as usual. We all just make fun each other and what we have to say for about half an hour, till one of us gets pissed off then the meeting begins. Nothing to big except we are turning our vinyl lounge into a conference room. Watched Raw and went to be

This was truly Brad's day from hell. I had improv from 12-1:15. I love that class. The other class, we used props to make up and imaginary product. I made a wooden plate, into a self esteem booster mirror. Everyone said it was f*cking hysterical. If you want more details about it IM ME. Then after class I took the bus straight to the gym. I got out of the gym at about 2:45. Showered then went back to campus at 4 for my office hours. Since we are getting rid of the vinyl lounge, we are selling every record. Uncle Bill's (resident townie radio guy)friend bought seven crates of records. We sold each crate for $40 there is over 120 in each crate. The money we made that day, I was able to order bumper stickers. We got 500. I created the sticker, and now this will be my legacy. Plus we got new furniture and office supplies. At about 6:26 Italian Steve picked me up from the station and took me to a Senate meeting. I am a school Senator which gives me voting power in the student association. I don't want to bore anyone. Any who the meeting lasted from 6:30-8:00. I bitched about the buses at that time. Then straight after the meeting I walked with Steve to the library. I was there till 9:40 only finding articles and photocopying them. It sucked especially the 20 minute fire drill. Finally I take the 9:45 bus home. I was on campus for about 6 straight hours not including class. I get back to the house, eat then ready to type the report at about 10:30. I stare blankly at the computer till 11:15.

I finally start writing and finish at about 2:20 AM. Then after that I have to read Plato's "Apology" for the second time. I comprehended it a little better this time around. I finished three quarters of it at about 3:15 a.m. Then watch some TV and fall asleep at 3:30. Lucky for me I have an appointment for the writing center at 8:30 A.M. I got a f*cking B on my paper, yet I need help writing reports. So I wake up at 7:00. I am half asleep since I got a cool 3:30 hours of sleep. I catch the 8:00 bus to campus. Mind you it was 43 degrees out. Then I get to the writing center a little early and lolly gagged for a little. Finally 8:30 I go for my appointment. Apparently my guy has not arrived yet. So I wait till about 8:45 when a lady asks if I would like to reschedule. I say no and she sees me. She fixes my little grammar mistakes. After my appointment I go to Schumacher to fix the errors on my paper. I see Jen from last year there. I go to my seminar and freedom of speech class. My report from hell was due in seminar and it only counts for %5 of my grade. I had to find 3 theories based on each article, all I did was make huge summaries. Anyway "The Apology" was for Freedom of Speech class. O'Mara, one of my favorite teachers ever, kicked the kids out who didn't read the book. Then class ends and my math class is canceled, due to personal reasons. I take the bus back and skip the gym. Watch Ducktales and Bonkers, then go to the station for my 1st Public Relations meeting. 3 people turned up. Great start, it was productive though. Then at 6 I did my show. Beanie stopped by and bought records. Then once I got home we left for Wal-Mart and went grocery shopping hardcore. My house mates got a quarter keg, but I am refraining from it.

I hope this update makes up for my sheer laziness of a daily update. See some of you guys next weekend. We are having a keg party that Friday so try to come early. Take care, and stay away from strangers

Brad "KrackaJack" Lazaru

Well it is now somehow JUNIOR year up at college. I can't believe how fast time goes. It's really weird for some reason I feel like I should still be in high school. Well right now I'm gonna summarize pretty much everything that happened in school.

I moved in on Saturday August 27th to my new HOUSE on 49 Fairview St. The place is a little run down but it was the only house we found for all six of us could live together. By all 6 I am referring to my suite mates from last year including Beanie, Leeeeee,Aaron, James, Mike and Me. We all got along surprisingly well. Anyway for the first week each off our parents were up so we had food in the us. First two weeks I made muffins, matzah ball soup, chicken baked ziti and a bunch of helpers. Now all we primarily eat for dinner is pasta.

I am keeping a pretty good diet. I don't drink or go out as much as I used to. This A) saves calories, and B) saves money for I can by food. I think B is the most important. I also joined Muscles in Motion.It is a gym that is right by me. I go there everyday after afternoon classes. I feel like I am getting stronger although I still don't look cut. I eat a lot of tuna, turkey and egg whites. I will be a stud by the time I go to Spring Break, if that ever happens.

So far we've only had 1 big house party. We got two kegs. It worked out pretty well we made like 50 dollars. We were in the first keg by 4 and I was piss drunk by 5:00 from beer pong. Although I have a beer gut, I'm still a lightweight. The day of the party the cable guy was supposed to come around 5:30-8:00 he came at the peak of the party round 11:15. Damn they are so prompt.

Although we haven't had to many house parties my boys at Ruffinos have had a lot. My boys who live there are Foley, Italian Steve and Uncle J. I met them freshmen year when I used to live in Blodgett Hall. They took me under their wing. I became good friends with them. They are a wild bunch. Unfortunately they will all by graduating this year, while I still have 1 year left. Back to a less depressing topic they had an awesome party last night. It was a radio/women's rubgy/ ice hockey team party. Actually the rugby team thought they were partying with the ice hockey team as opposed to the radio station. I got so f@%^&*d up. I hit on every girl I saw, embarrassed my friend Shamar, and sang living on a prayer. Could a night get any better? Oh it did. Me, Lee and ROB went to the Old Spanish Tavern. That's right Rob went to the bars with us. It was a good time. We left.

When I got back to the house I was loud and rowdy. I told Rob I was gonna piss on him, and started playing his guitar outside disturbing the peace.

All in all, I am having a great time this year. I do miss all the boys from back home. I love college, great year but I still haven't got any.

Since last update to March 14
I apologize for a lack of updates. I've been really busy failing out of school. I'll try to summarize the last month. Well, I came home the last week in February. I got to see almost everybody, except for my fav. jew, roth. I'm still trying to get my friend from the radio station to drive to plattsburgh to see him. Everytime I see him, I ask him to drive me there, one day he will say yes. The girl who I was "whatevering" we are no more. I'm vulnerable, someone please take advantage of me (preferably a hot jew). I found out I will be going to Cancun for Spring Break 2003. One year left so, I made a workout plan where I will do 10,000 crunches in a year. Sounds easy? Why don't you do it? Also St. Patty's Day is on Sunday. I will probably get really drunk all day and arrested. If I get arrested hopefully they will let me out by 8 for I can watch Wrestlemania. Watch Hulkamania run wild on you. Until I see you be safe.
PS. I got a surprise for everybody when I come home.

Wed Feb 6th
I skip classes and wake up at 4:00 P.M. I feel like even more complete sh*t then the night before. Unfortunately I can't find a sub and I have to do my radio show. My show of course kicks ass. I do it for the fans. All I have all day is two bottles of coke and half of chicken noodle soup.

Tuesday Feb 5th
I wake up really sick. My sickness progresses throughout the day. Finally when I have to nigh host at 11:00 P.M. I am completely shitty. My throat hurts, can't swallow anything, I have a fever, and I'm freezing but yet sweating. I make it till 2:00 A.M. then pass out.

Monday Feb 4th
Went to class

Sun Feb 3rd
Hung out with that girl again. Did nothing else. Went to a crappy meeting again.

Sat February 2nd
Phil the groundhog saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of miserable winter. I played some Grand theft Auto 3. Then around 8:30ish went to a lieu (Hawaiian party). My whole suite dressed up in Hawaiian shirts, even Beanie. Mike and me wore shorts though. Got really trashed. Did jello shots and drank beer till 11. Then I met a girl. We hung out went to a bar. It was her 21st birthday. Then we went back to my room, and just chilled.

Fri February 1st
Went to class as usual. Then went to the gym. When I got back, I took a little nap. Although I just worked out, I took a shower than went to happy hour an hour later. I got really drunk by 9. Passed out on some couch in some chick's apartment. Got my second wind by 11:30 and proceeded to the bars as usual

Thurs Jan 31st
Ice storm and classes were canceled.

Jan 29th
I woke up realizing I have to do an interview of somebody that has a "real" job it just couldn't be a relative. So of course I e-mailed my mom. She got back to me at 3. I then wrote my report just in time for my 4 o'clock which I handed it in. I then went to an SA meeting. Preached how good WONY is. Then went to the gym did legs and shoulders. Now I'm gonna pass out.

Jan 28th
Today I went all around campus doing errands. In the process I lost one of my textbooks. I also missed a retarted computer test. This utterly upset me. Then I went to the gym for the 5th time. Thats right 5 times. Then had a radio e-bopard meeting. Made it in time for the last hour of a disappointing Raw.

Woke up around two. The whole suite and bunch of other kids, went to the gym to play basketball, unfortunately both gyms were being occupied. Then I decided to work out. I did my legs. Then took a long nap. Not going out tonight because I'm starting my job tonight. I am a night host, I let drunk people in the building, from 11:00 PM- 4:00AM


For Friday. I actually went to the gym 3 days in a row. All I've been eating is cans of tuna. Trying to get into peak shape for the chicks. We'll see how long that lasts. Then went to a party, then the bars. Surprisingly did not drink one sip the whole night. When I got back to the dorm, I went to my ladies' room and played Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune till 5:00am for Nintendo.

Today i went to class, then some crappy meetings. i did my radio show today. the highlight was a girl that called up. she told me and the whole oneonta community about how she dumped her boyfriend. she dumped her boyfriend last night at a restaurant. in fact his whole entire family was there parents aunts, uncles, cousins etc. it was funny. but it was even funnier that her ex-boyfriend was listening to the show and started to cry. behold the power of college radio. then went to pick some chicks up at the gym.


- Mike hurt his hip muscle while pitching and couldn't play anymore. (he would later be ok and do a spi-a-runi at the bowling ally)

- Mike helped Linda get her webcam working

- Mike watched the MTV music awards last night with me
- He also borrowed my old computer until he gets his back

- None

- Mike may have called my house last night, I'm not really sure

- None

- Mikey made a ketchup, tomato, and plate sandwitch at the 'empress' diner last night

- I picked up Mike from 7-11 (Will came alongn too, but he isn't part of this information center now is he.)
- Mike yelled at me online (he typed in bold)

- Mike came with me to drop everyone off

- Mike took pics with a homeless guy playing guitar at the beach.

- Mike got kicked out of the mall on the 28th because he had a skateboard in hand and a pink backpack.
- He came over yesterday and downloaded a cd to be burned at a later date.

- Mike forgot to give my phone back when I dropped him home.

- Mike went to the party and received his package in the mail from 'M' from Cali

- Mike went with Steve Edele to the movies

- Mike got ketsup all over Chris' wifebeater

- Mike came over to talk to 'M' from 'cali'

- Mike took a spoon from friendly's
- While at the mall (spending most of the time at Delia's), Mike bought 3 pairs of woman's socks for 51c each. What a bargain for woman's shoes Mike.

- Mike and I played contra to the death and as we were breezing thorugh the game and putting the finishing touchs on a great victory, the nintendo froze (just like the good old days)
- Also went to the palace with us

- Mike bought babypins at the mall because his pants had a huge rip in them

- Mike came over my house and played nintendo
- The alwhitey one went with us to Matt's and the palace

- Mike left a voicemail message on my cell phone (probably not worthy information but what the hell)
- Mike arrived in my car and went with me to pathmark before raw.
- Mr. Mags. went to Matt's to watch wrestling but left with other people as I left early

8/13 - I spoke to Mike via Telephony and was made aware by Mike himself that he went to his friends house before coming home.

8/12 - Mike went to Jackies party last night


7/2- I didn't speak to mike y/day but his brother was pissed that we don't invite him out....oh well

7/1- Mike came over my house and came with me to get chris, he then went home and I couldn't get in touch with him for the rest of the night

6/30- Mike Went with Will to a concert last night

6/29- Mike Hit Will in the head with a menu at the palace last night

6/28- Mike went with me to taco bell to get lunch yesterday and found my Linkin Park cd

6/27- Mike called me saying he needed a ride to come out but we were at Ev's and no one got him

6/26- I was aware that this dreaded happening would one day arise as it now has.............THERE IS NO WHITE MIKE INFORMATION!!!!!

6/25- Mike found us at the mall and rode his skateboard around in it
- I spoke to Mike at 2am on my way home from NJ, he was with Corey and Will

6/24- Mike bought pizza with me at the mall
- As Mike was leaving this morning he slipped on his skateboard and got a nasty gash on his palm, he proceeded to wash it and then went home.

6/23- Mike went to DFP @ Jones Beach yesterday and I talked to him around 12am

6/22- Mike left his skateboard at my house 2 days ago
- Mike rode his skateboard home yesterday

6/21- Pitched 4 innings of no hit baseball but gave up 6 or 7 walks.
- Allowed the beast named odie to hang out...YIKES!!!!

6/20- Arrived at my house at 9:30ish and watched Little Nicky with us.
- Brought along his broken ceiling panal he got when he threw a ball at it in the mall and knocked it down.

6/19- Mike met up with us at the palace last night and I pushed him off the table.

6/18- I spoke to Mike on the train to the city. He said hi.

6/17- Mike went to a concert in Brooklyn y/day
- I picked him up from sunrise highway and as he was walking to the car the light turned green (now this is the light that is red for like 5 minutes) so I went across the highway forcing Mike to run to the car. I regret doing so now but it was for the better.

6/16- Mike left 2 messages on my voice mail yesterday. I did not speak to him though.

6/15- Mike was not around yesterday but did say he was going to go to my house in which he didn't

6/14- 3 days ago mike talked to Erica at pathmark
-Fastforwarding 2 days, Mike played basketball with us and was a bitchin' sub for me

6/11- Mike was on my team in basketball and didn't pass it to me once (maybe i should have posed for the other team)

6/10- Mike went 2 for 4 in his baseball game
- Poured too much syrip on my pancakes after I trusted him to put on just enough
- Sung a duet with me of "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that", in the car on the way to the Seaford Palace
- Brought Odie around for some silly reason
- Starts work soon

6/9- Michael was dressed up like a little school boy yesterday sporting light blue clothing.

6/8- Mike, for the second straight day, missed school, but worry not my friends, he is making his righteous return today as we speak.
- Played basket ball and kept passing the ball to the other team

6/7- Yesterday Mike forgot his inhaler as we were going to brady park and I had to drive him back home to get it.
- Mike had many different hair styles and was dry humping everything in site as well
- Starts his new job in 4 days

6/6- Yesterday, White Mike did NOT officially start his first day at work but did go in for a screening and will be notified shortly of the results
- Also discovered is mikes fetish with the word Cheese
- For the second straight day, Mike was able to not have his brother hang out, way-to-go

6/5- Yesterday, White Mike played a scrumptious game of basketball scoring 3 points a silly shots and kept passing me the ball......I was on the other team
-Today The All-Whitey one will have his first day of work at pacific sunwear in the sunrise mall

6/2- The all mighty whitey picked up a cheap new pair of kicks, red converse
-Also, Michael's hair was very spiffy last night...amazing

6/1- White Mike was hitting on girls of his own age (and also got numbers), way to go playa
-White Mike's interview with pacific sunwear went so well that they are giving him a second interview. Groovy work mikey, very groovy.

What is the best (recent) success story? Sean dumping the Hooptee
Which match would you want to see most? Joe and the Saints v. the Rams
Who is the best tag-team duo? - Jim and Matt
Who tells the most B.S. stories? - Mike Roth
Who is Whiter than Mike? - W. Mike
Who is the gayest Lee? - Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Who was the MVP of the court Date? - Hardcore Jeff
Who was the MVP of volleyball? - Sean
Who is the best buddy? - Dom


This week, my special props go to....Everyone involved in the rescue efforts of the attacks.

This week, my special props go to....Shappy for finally graduating...you get SHAPPY PROPS!!!

This week, my special props go to....The boyz travelling back for college. Here's to round 2.

This week, my special props go to....Dom and Matt for Driving to PA and all around the state during our stay.

This week, my special props go to....Joe (me), {as per Dom}, for driving a million miles yesterday all over Long Island.

This week, my special props go to....Edgar for his busy week going to Florida until tuesday and singing like Elton John in the car yesterday.

This week, my special props go to....Evan 'Leon Phelps' Seftel for Being our court MVP and winning the Information Center Poll......it has been a big for this ladies man.

This week, my special props go to....The Brad Lazarus, for presenting Lazapalooza last night and making it silent enough for the cops not to be called but loud enough for everyone to enjoy. The 2 kegs added a twist that not even the messiah himself would have expected. Also, Brad was a good host as he didn't get drunk nor did he lose control of the party. The people I met there were very interesting. A slammin' night indeed.

This week, my special props go to....Jimmy D., for having his most excellent birthday on July 11th. This means Jim is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Jim's birthday is conviently located in nearly every town and has a slurpee machine located inside near the register. Happy 21st big guy.

This week, my special props go to....Dom, for finally graduating his car schooling this week. It has been a year and come this weekend...'IT'S BUDDY TIME'!!!!!

This week, my special props go to...Erica for putting up with all the crap she has been dealing with the last few weeks.

This week, my special props go to...The Bus driving man himself, Matt. For driving us to the pocono's and dorney park and letting us crash at his "summer crib".

This week, my special props go to...Frank Zic for his fish cooking skills and letting us use his home as a movie theatre

This week, my special props go to...The Seaford Palace. Where the price is always right and the waiter always asks, "how you doing my friends?"

"Mad props go out to Steve 'Duck Sauce' Shapiro for being the best basketball buddy EVER"

"Past Quotes of the

"Whine", "Cry", "Pee", "Poop" - Rush
'A-rod get traded to the Mets on December 21st, pulls his ass cheek, forcing him to retire at a ripe young unknown age' ~ Jimmy D (with minor provisions). 
Posted on the MSG network boards by Steve Shapiro directed toward user 'bigben' -
"bigben- Your basketball IQ is negative 593,793,478,578,934,577,589,483,947,543,978,539,847,985,437,359,874. That's a pretty low number, isn't it? It's almost as low as what your your mom is worth when she sells herself on the streets. Not only can I get her for free, but she has to give ME money while she is at it. Now I suggest you get back to pretending to be Donnatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and fight off the evil Krang who kinda looks like you, believe it or not. When you decide to be nice, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, we will give you a shot at April O'Neal. Muuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha."  
'I am looking for food.  This house, that I live in, does not seem to have food.  Houses are supposed to have food, but this one obviously never read that rulebook. Can somebody please pick up a copy of that book and give it to my house when you get a chance?  Thanks.  I really appreciate it.' ~ Steven Margret Betty Lewis Louis Shapiro
'And remember, for all of you out there, where ever you are....The light at the end of the tunnel, may be you'.
"God has blessed you with my presence" ~Chris S.
"You must show no Mercy-
 Nor have any belief Whatsoever;
In How others judge you-
For your greatness will silence them all." - Ultimate Warrior
'Don't take life so seriously, It's not like you're getting out alive' ~Requested quote by Karen W. - by Unknown

"The best evidence I've been able to come up with that the human race is increasing in intelligence is that parents no longer give their kids hatchets for Christmas." - Patrick F. McManus

"Mind your own business, Spock.
I'm sick of your half breed interference."

I believe that a woman should be put on a pedestal.
(High enough to look up her dress) - Steve Martin

"Tastes like chicken" - Mike Tyson (?)

"After all, I couldn't make a picture called ``In Search of Spock'' and have it end with Captain Kirk turning to the audience and saying, ``Sorry, folks, we just couldn't find him.''" - Leonard Nimoy

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
- Albert Einstein

"The death toll is going to be frightening and I fear this is just the beginning and could end up starting World War 3. I hope I am wrong and I hope the people responsible are found and brought to justice quickly and something like this never happens again." - Lance Evers (Lance Sotrm of WWF)

"Douglas Quaid: You expect me to believe you?
Vilos Cohaagen: Who gives a shit what you believe! In 30 seconds you'll be dead, and I'll blow this place up, and be home in time for corn flakes." - Total Recall

"Poncho Ramirez: What is it?
Billy Sole: I scared, Poncho.
Poncho Ramirez: Bullsh**! You ain't afraid a no man.
Billy Sole: There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man." - from 'Predator'

"I'm not contradicting the man with the gun" - Ed Hill

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln

"In less than an hour, aircrafts from here will join others from around the world. And, you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. "Mankind," that word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interest. Perhaps, it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom--not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution, but from annihilation. We're fighting for our right to live--to exist. And, should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish, without a fight. We're going to live on. We're going to survive. Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!" - President Thomas J. Whitmore From Independence Day

9/4/01 "If you stay home from school, you can help me shave my armpits" - Adam Sandler

"I need to know how many, I don't do 'about'" - The silly (I'm not sure about my sexuality) owner of the empress diner.

"That's the old American way
- If you got a good thing, then overdo it." - Phil Walden

"The internet is a great way to get on the net" - Bob Dole

"There's very little advice in men's magazines, because men don't think there's a lot they don't know. Women do. Women want to learn. Men think, "I know what I'm doing, just show me somebody naked." - Jerry Seinfeld

"You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose" - Unknown

"Never raise your hands to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected." - Red Buttons

"You know your old when you walk into an antique store and someone tries to buy you." - Unknown

"It's not the bullet that kills you it's the hole."
- Laurie Anderson

"It's so hard to say au revoir,
So let's just say hors d'oeurve." - Martin Mull

"Beer is good food." - John Goodman

"Why must they be so stupid and blind? Love, what is this faggot crap?" - White Mike

"What's up Doc" - Bugs Bunny (also made famous by Mr. Clean himself, Shaquille O'Niel)

"The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy." - Helen Hayes

"My goal is to become the Human Hood Ornament, traveling from town to town, striking poses on the hoods of cars as people throw money and little children shriek, 'Oooh, there he is! The Human Hood Ornament!'" - Bill Muse

"I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine running around exercising." - Neil Armstrong

"Guy!" - Chris S. in a very enthusiastic mood

"That rainbow song's no good. Take it out."
- MGM memo after first showing of The Wizard Of Oz

"Holding you...
I held everything,
for a moment...
wasn't I a King.
But if I'd only known...
how the King would fall,
who's to say, you know,
I might have changed it all."
- Garth Brooks

"Everybody lies about sex." - Lazarus Long

Mr. T: Gimme a cup of coffee!
Waiter: How do you want it?
Mr. T: In a cup, fool!

- The A-Team

"If you should die before me, Ask if you could bring a friend; Pick a flower, hold your breath And drift away..." - Stone Temple Pilots

"I figure that if the children are alive when I get home, I've done my job." - Roseanne

"better be dead than alive", he said
"but best is never to be" - AE Merritt

"How tall are you?"
"Six foot seven."

"Let's forget about the six feet and talk about the seven inches." - Mae West

"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history--with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila." - Mitch Ratliffe

"An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications."
- Lazarus Long

"It's hard to hold on, when there's no one to lean on" - Bon Jovi

"Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right." - Salvor

"...yo this ride was gangsta" - some guy sitting next to Matt after the Nitro ride (also stolen by matt on the second time around on Nitro...Matt's sounded better)

"An old chinese proverb once said "American baseball is wrong.....man with 4 balls does not walk" - Hardcore Jeff

"You're perfect yes it's true, but without me you're only you" - Mike Patton

:::I would like to apologize for yesterdays misinterpreted quote, here is what Steve's real quote is:::

"People always say that other people who don't choose to have overweight people as a loved one are insensitive. I think of it in a modified way. People who choose not to work out and eat poorly are risking their "Love lives" when they realize it. They have control over all of this, they just want to go the easy way out." - Big Poppa Shappy

7/22/01- "Fat women are fat because they want to be fat" - Steve Shapiro

7/21/01- "I went into a McDonald's yesterday and said, "I'd like some fries." The girl at the counter said, "Would you like some fries with that?" - Jay Leno

7/20/01- "Time-is on-your side-you're young
Don't waste-your time-today" - FNM

7/19/01- "I spilt spot remover on my dog, now's he gone." - Steven Wright

7/18/01- "I think - therefore I'm single." - Lizz Winstead

7/17/01- "Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza." - Dave Barry's Bad Habits, Dave Barry

7/16/01- "The tenacious man who has faced the blade of ignorance from 'more important' people will thrive above them all in years soon to come." - Steven Shapiro

7/15/01- "It's ok......I'm a limo driver!!!!!" - Lloyd

7/14/01- "My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch." - Jack Nicholson

7/13/01- "A man loses his sense of direction after four drinks; a woman loses hers after four kisses." - H.L. Mencken (American writer, 1888-1956)

7/12/01- "Life is not all lovely thorns and singing vultures, you know." - Morticia, The Addams Family

7/11/01- "School is bad enough; But at least I'm not letting them teach me anything." - Ashleigh Brilliant

7/10/01- "Luge strategy? Lie flat and try not to die." - Carmen Boyle (Olympic Luge Gold Medal winner - 1996)

7/9/01- "I'm not into working out. My philosophy: No pain, no pain." - Carol Leifer

7/8/01- "If men can run the world, why can't they stop wearing neckties? How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck?" - Linda Ellerbee

7/7/01- "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. " -Martin Luther King Jr.

7/6/01- "...and remember, Fat Chicks need lovin' too" -Jimmy D.

7/5/01- "I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants."- A. Whitney Brown

7/4/01- "A lot of people try so hard to find love, they end up selling themselves short. If you take it easy and enjoy life, love will find you! Love is not easy to come by. Just wait around for it and if you are lucky enough to find it never let it go." -Mary Jo

7/3/01- "Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night." -Charlie Brown.

7/2/01- "I was going to have cosmetic surgery until I noticed that the doctor's office was full of portraits by Picasso."
- Rita Rudner

7/1/01- "A drink a day keeps the shrink away." - Edward Abbey

6/30/01- "I discovered I scream the same way whether I'm about to be devoured by a Great White or if a piece of seaweed touches my foot." - Axel Rose

6/29/01- "Aaaaahhhhhhhhh" - Mike (I ran out of quotes)

6/28/01- "When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading." -Henny Youngman

6/27/01- "HEY PIGGY!!!!" -SEAN (yelling at the cops with the window open and not realizing it)

6/26/01- "That's the old American way - If you got a good thing, then overdo it." - Record Executive Phil Walden

6/25/01- "He looks like my piranah" -Sean, referring to our neighboring fan at the wwf ppv last night

6/24/01- The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us. - Calvin & Hobbes

6/23/01- "Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music." - Kristian Wilson

6/22/01- "When all else fails, follow instructions" -Allen's Axiom

6/21/01- Louie- "Who's got somthing for me"
Guest- "I do"
Louie- "What is it?"
Guest- "A bowl of Gravy"
Louie- "I wanna Dip my balls in it"

6/20/01- "Trust is a hard thing to gain, once its lost its almost impossible to get back." -Mac's away message

6/19/01- "You said you were going to make Stone Cold Steve Austin famous......DUH....he already is famous" -DDP

6/18/01- "Guns aren't bad...
bad people who use guns make them bad...
Good people who use guns pose no threat...except to bad people" -U2 viganette

6/17/01- "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding is all u see, its getting hard to be someone but its allright; it doesn't matter much to me" -John Lennon

6/16/01- "Always take one step at a time, but if you take too long to take a step, then the next step might not be there for you to reach" -Shap Daddy

6/15/01- "When death smiles at you the only thing you can do is smile back" - DC

6/14/01- "Finally I feel free"

6/11/01- Officer:"My, hair is tingling sarge."
Sarge: "That means is working" -NLLW1


"The ideal woman is a nymphomaniac whose father owns a liquer store" -Ed 'O Connor - working buddy

6/10/01- "I believe thats a little too much syrup Mike..." -Joe (me) Anderson

6/9/01- "Did I satisfy all of your needs???" -Erik Burger

6/8/01- "To err is human, to forgive is f**ked up" -Dave Conforte

6/7/01- "Be careful when reading health books, you may die of a misprint" -QP

6/6/01- "You haven't lived until you've heard "Where the Green Grass Grows" or "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" while milking your cows and marrying your cousins" -Tim Kennery

6/5/01- "I smoke ten to fifteen cigars a day. At my age I have to hold on to something." -George Burns

6/2/01- "Do or Do not, there is no try" -Yoda

Past Evan 'The Ladies Man' Seftel Information

- Ev joined us at the bowling ally

- Ev joined us at the palace and told us tales of work and cheap people

- Ev went to play hockey last night at an open ice arena

- None

- None

- Evan joined us in a gathering a Antionette's to watch raw

- Evan went to the carnaval with the other guys

- None

- Ev had a few shots in his teams loss in the finals of his hockey league

- Ev was busy saving the planet from monkeys and wasn't around.

- Ev called me and plans were shot down to go mini golfing

- Ev met with us at the palace

- Ev arrvied at my house late and watched wwf with us

- Ev met up with us at the palace after bowling
- He also made it official that he will accompany me to the Saint/Giants game at giants stadium on 9/30 if I can get the tickets

- Ev went to hooters with us and laughed at the ketsup incident

- Ev was busy watching powerpuff girls I think...he wasn't around

- Ev was busy with a top secret project and he didn't speak to me beacause of it

- Ev came over to watch monday night wrestlemania

- Ev met up with us at friendlys

- Ev met up with us at friendlys

- Ev was at the palace last night when we got there

- Ev went to Matt's as well for Monday night Wrestlemania and ate some of my leftover chicken

- Ev played hockey for his league last night
- He also met up with us at the palace last night (unlike Mike who wouldn't run there from home)

- Ev was At Linda's last night to watch Scary Movie

- Ev came over for Monday Night Wrestlemania and brought his new chair with him

- Other then being lucky enough to talk to me yesterday, there is no information on Ev

- Ev came by and also went to applebees where he displayed his new chair.

- Ev played cards and pool at Matt's

- Ev arrived at applebees with us and ate some wings at the table aside from us.

- Ev brought around his gold medals last night to show off at the pool hall

- Last night Ev played in his hockey game and although I wasn't there I was told by a reliable source that he scored 4 goals, not in a season, but in one game

- Ev went to my house to watch monday night wrestlemania
- Ev also went to the palace and ate food there

- Ev went to Brad's to listen to the soul singing of Bon Jovi
- He also ordered food at the palace

- Ev dicarded the chance to see planet of the apes in order to chill with us
- Got into a fight with a mop and although he won the battle, he got a beat up lip
- Bowled like the ladies man he is

- There was no sign of Evan yesterday

- There was no sign of Evan yesterday

- Ev and I went face to face in basketball on the 24th for the first time ever
- We teamed together in victory in the volleyball game in Linda's pool

- Ev and the gang went into Linda's pool for a solid game of volleyball.

- Ev missed the WWF PPV unfortunatly

- @ the palace Ev cheered up my night just that much more by pretending he was calling me at work.

- Ev called my celly last night and chris talked to him only to hear he would be dissapointed that we were going to hooters and didn't want to go. We will make it up to you tonight Ev when we watch WWF Inva.....Wrestlemania

- Ev arrived at my house last night to cheers

- Evan led the charge to the bowling ally which turned out to be closed.
- Evan then led us to the palace

- Evan was not available for comment yesterday as he was out saving the world and delivering fish sandwitches...

- Evan worked as hard as he ever has but we couldn't get in touch with him in time to have him bring pizza for the huge 'Ladies Man' Spectacular
- The night was dedicated to Evan as we all sat around the cozy Television set and watched 'The Ladies Man'
- Also came with us to the palace for the after party

-As the dark day of court came upon us, Evan was able to cheer us up and become the court MVP (the peoples choice poll is up and not related)
- Ev was the first to go against the judge
- Was going to come on to the judge if she was a woman and offer her a fissh sandwich but it was a man
- Convinced me into buying the 'Ladies Man' DVD

My Life Edit

Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn East Massapequa, born and raised
At Edgar's is where I spent most of my days
Chillin out, maxin' relaxin all cool
beating little willy when he got home from school.
When a couple of guys, they were up to no good
started hitting Mike in the neighborhood,
It was one little fight but mike wasn't scared
So we took a camera, spoofed the scene, but no one seemed to care

Mike whistled for a cabby and look who was there
It was taxi Dom with fluffy dice in the mirror
If anything i cud say, it's that he doesn't care
so Dom drove right by, picked up a stranger, and left Mike with a stare

We pulled up to the palace a little bit late,
And we yelled to the girlies, yo girl get ova' here
I looked at the diner we were finally there
French toast-Cheesecake-pancakes-bacon and a Fruit Cocktail

----A scribe from Steven Lewis Margret Shaprio's website

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Big George, of the Seaford Palace, for enchanting us all with his delightful comments, last Friday.
George, I know you check out this site every day of your 12 year old life, so I know you are just looooving every bit of this note.
Nobody makes comments on flounders and little George like you do, and you deserve a toast.
Here's to you George!!!!!"
~Steven Lewis Margret Shapiro-----

My Life Edit

Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn East Massapequa, born and raised
At Edgar's is where I spent most of my days
Chillin out, maxin' relaxin all cool
beating little willy when he got home from school.
When a couple of guys, they were up to no good
started hitting Mike in the neighborhood,
It was one little fight but mike wasn't scared
So we took a camera, spoofed the scene, but no one seemed to care

Mike whistled for a cabby and look who was there
It was taxi Dom with fluffy dice in the mirror
If anything i cud say, it's that he doesn't care
so Dom drove right by, picked up a stranger, and left Mike with a stare

We pulled up to the palace a little bit late,
And we yelled to the girlies, yo girl get ova' here
I looked at the diner we were finally there
French toast-Cheesecake-pancakes-bacon and a Fruit Cocktail

__Joe: the Movie__


Bobby as Joey
Joey as Mr. Lanzasera
Fram Auto Filters as Dan Fram
Arnold Swartzenager as Dom, Chris, Brad, Beanie, and Frank
Shappy as the LunchLady
Faster (pussycat) as Danny from Grease
Vice President Cheaney as Bobby
Edger's brother Danny as Mojo Jojo, spiderman, and the spilled milk
Sean as Velvet the Dog
Tim as The sexy tractor
Mike as Helen the Ice Cream Lady
Jim and Matt as Bobby's Snakes
Tom Sze and Phil as Doowap boyz from the subway car
Willy as Joe's backyard fence
Riebl, Erica, and Dave as Joey's fish (Due to the death of 2 fish, Erica and Dave's role will have to be recasted)
Roth as Joe's Christmas Lights
& Edgar as The Motherboard
w/ guest appearence by Mom and Dad as Vince and Linda McMahon
The Greatest movie ever writted, directed, produced, seen........
Jo - E productions presents
G-I MoJoeyJoeJoe