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Times have changed since I last updated the 'Legends Section'. I have added peeps to it. These are the people who have impacted my life for the better through good and bad times.
:::Note - If Frank Zic wants to return to the Legends page, it's just a phone call, or an IM asking "how's things?", away:::

~The Munificent 7~
Based on the friendship of the original 7 in my old school group

~Just Joe~ -  'This is the best Party that I've ever been to' - Faith No More
I (truly) met me when my brother told me to be outgoing and my Dad kept pushing me to be more then a house polisher for my own house. Because my parents moved while I was at age 19, I matured, became more responsible, and gained life points. I work at Cablevision which as everyone knows, I can't stand. I've become more accepting to my job, but there has to be something better then this. 
1. Learned how to use the city by myself (including Yankee games, concerts, WTC etc...)
2. Through my brother, I met the Munificent 7, and through Jimmy D. I met the Cliq.
3. Am the tallest in the Clique (topping Steve by and inch and Jim by 2) and never lost to Jim in basketball.
4. Have 3 tattoos now... A Flor De Lee (Saints logo) on my left leg, a Yankee logo on my right, and a Metroid (NES game) logo on my right shoulder.


Brother Bob - Taught me how to be myself. Waited for me when we were going to the flea market through the bike trail when my tire went flat. An inspiration to us all (well me mainly)


1. Helped me renovate my rooms, and is an awesome person to live with.

2. Leader of a bagpipe band for his union (and also the Spinal Tap tribute band Spinal Pap)

3. Lived in 4 rooms in our house total.. a record, well done

4. Has 2 snakes and a cat, topping me with my dog and fish.


Sean - Because he rode his bike over my house to invite me and my brother (when we were in 3rd and 4th grade) around the mysterious 5 blocks towards the mall and introduced us to TEDDY's (the evil dogs) house. It all began there. Attempting to get Edgar to hang out but to no avail as he was at his fathers house just like every weekend in his childhood)


1. The first to venture to the bike trail.

2. The number 1 clubber in the Cliq

3. When willing to speak, is a good advice giver and listener.

4. Sean still goes to college after all these years (just can't let it go). Also has been trying to get a tattoo for the last 2 years now.


Edgar - Had More SleepOvers then anyone else (in the world.) Works at costco and has a cool car, and his homies agree, the car looks good in Black 'Fool'!!! I don't see him as much but when I do chill with him, things are always the same, only the times have changed...
1. Edgar was the founding father of passing notes in my 3rd grade class. Marwin was fat.
2. Sleek Sports car
3. Always beat me in our playstation seasons
4. Grew in position at Costco mightly quickly and is making more mullah than anyone I know Under 25.


Shaun Riebl - Wheather it was watching Kelly (dog) humping the sleeping bag, jumping off the garage, or just calling the cops on the people having sex in the car outside, it was always some of the most exciting days. You also have blonde hair.

1. Can surf and drum, and can do those things well.
2. The first of us to get a car.
3. Hitting that guy on the motercycle with a snowball (may not have been you but it was damn sure in your yard)
4. Badly broke his arm bike riding and came back for more


Big Will - I coincidedly hung out with this WooWoo when i hung out with Edgar thus completing 'The Munificent Seven'. You are a mean Quake player. I hated you and then you became cool and then I....still hated you and then like you....then hated and like again. Now I'm on like but thinking about hate. I can't hate the playa, only the game.
1. Made me laugh the hardest in my life when he banged his head into the wall at his house on camera
2. Built  my new computer
3. Is a mean skateboarder and works at Baskin Robins in the mall.
4. A jolly good poker player


The Almighty Mikey - Taught me that the true meaning of life is not giving a damn. Boot mark baby is a crash crash crash, You wanna cry but you gotta laugh. You're baseball team mates are terrible and I would be embaressed to be the parent of any of them (except for the fat kid who couldn't hold his pants up).

1. Taking extreme bumps when making skits
2. May look like a punk on the outside but has true personality
3. Awesome drummer for "Operator, Operator". Opened for Andrew WK at the Downtown.
4. Has a nose ring which when hidden, allows him to blend into a normal crowd, but when he's ready to cause havoc, he slides that bitch down and goes postal



Big Jimmy Style (all in it.....Gettin' Jimmy with it)- Showed me the secret to baking in single survival class. Met in the last half year of highschool and see him more then my closest friends from school. More like 100%. What if I were queer and took dance instead of single survival, we never would have met.

1. Drove the ghetto cruiser (the biggest chick magnet)
2. Was the stunt double in Dirty Dancing (or acts like it)
3. Gave up a baseball scholership to pursue a teaching career (I still think he could have made it as a pro ball player, given the chance). He graduated under a tent that resembled the hindenberg disaster.
4. Is able to overcome any sickness, though it takes a while, he does his thing.
5. Pitched in Arizona (maybe in front of scouts) where some MLB teams have spring training.

Brad - You....got what i need, but you say he's just a friend, you say he's just a friend, OH BRADLEY YOU....came with me to pickup my parents and we ventured the airports like undercover agents. Extremely outgoing.

1. Comedian (was on the Judge Mill's lane show) and performed at NY Comedy club. Also was a stand in in the 'Upright Citizens Brigade' TV comedy show. 
2. Got in an 'R' rated movie with a terrible fake ID when 16 and Jim was carded w/o ID, almost couldn't get in, Jim was 18 years old at the time.
3. Is going to be interning for a radio station on Long Island this summer (he will probably be on the air).
4. Hosts the 'CrackaJackLaz ' 2 hour Radio show for Oneonta radio (where he goes to school)
5. Makes a good Prostitute.....(you've got to see the pics)

Dom - You're my big buddy. You are one crazy dood. I will never forget the day you helped me drag the TV down the basement. You've also fixed my car a few times. You've also saved me from from the evil Mr. Sinister from the Sinister 6. Thanks.

1. Will be 'The Rock' of AutoMechanics
2. Drives the BlackMobile (to the black cave)
3. Is the next contestant on 'the price is right' 
4. Saab Man
5. Simply the best at Beer Pong (I need a new partner :-D


Chris - When you look at this man of steel, you just want to grab him and ask him to marry you. Found in a six piece happy meal, this nugget is one like no other. Don't let his height confuse you, he has big muscles, Bigger then popeye. He also has a quick hand. To define this is simple.... He likes to grab ass.....lots of ass.

1. Steals less popular catch phrases and makes them very popular and creates even better ones.
(example: Why hello, and SCOOBY DOO....WHERE ARE YOUUUU!!!)
2. I just wanna ROCK..DJ, cuz chris used to keep us up all night with those phat BEATs at United Skates. Damn the Dinosaur (The greatest Skatasaurous) 
3. Is a master with the ladies, just ask some of his satisfied customers 
4. Master of the Tooshy squeeze
5. Can speak other languages (example: Konichua; Horigami....Hai). Has the most tattoos in the cliq in 4 (not including my brothers 10 or 11)


Matt - First appearence~Broadway mall, hanging out with Jim, both of whom I wasn't a big fan of at the time. From that point on I saw this BIG BUS MAN at school. But being that I am older I can always say, " Hey Matt, get me some coffee." or, "Matt, where are my slippers?"

1. Just call him Rudy because he Graduated NotreDame
2. Has a summer home in PA (poconos) and lets us stay there on specail occasions
3. Has the temper of an angel when playing pool.
4. When drunk, is either Furious or sleepy (awwww...I bet Matt needs his bed, yes he does).
5. Jones beach employee for years now and reigns kings there.


Erica - First met at grand union 'where the prices (were) always right'. Of all the people I met at Grand Union, Erica is the only one I still chill with. Best Female friend.

1. Really has grown mentally since I've met her and is learning the ways of the wind
2. Graduated St. Joseph's college and got nothing lower then 1 'B' and the rest 'A's for her final grades
3. A drug dealer at Pathmark
4. Olive Garden fanatic

Big Poppa Roth - Met with this playa at mcdonalds as he gave us free food and drinks. Went to 98 yankees parade together which was tintilating. Nicknamed "Roth to the Forth" and "Yea Roth'

1. Can get into any club with the snap of a finger
2. Can also dance like no other
3. Can charm any type woman including dolls
4. Is in some Sigma Frat thing at school in Platsburg
5. Went to England for a semester at the end of last year


Evan - Shaved head to a nearly full head of hair, how can you not like this loveable gang-star. Was the first co-holder of the tag team championships of pool with me, as we dubbed ourselves "Team FatChicks". {Fondle the earlobe, slap the ass, altogether now "Good things"

1. Named the spot, 'The Spot'
2. Second biggest Saints fan EVER
3. The most exciting pizza delivery boy on Washington ave.
4. Ref's and plays ice hockey in a league. I've gone to many of his games but never seen him win.
5. Stands up like Chris Moneymaker (World Series of Poker Champion 2003) when he's about to win a big pot in poker (or so he thinks he won)


Steve (Shappy) Shapiro - First met on the mean streets of seaford/massapequa playing bball at lockheart elementry. After making this Steve character look foolish at basketball he was jealous of my skills and began to hang out.

1. Is the biggest Allen Houston fan EVER
2. Tried a lot harder at life then his 'critics' say he does
3. Has a hell of a life story if ya let him tell you (or if you figure it out by getting to know him)
4. Manor east Bastard for life he is.
5. The biggest Stud on the market

Rob (Beanie)- As with Frank, I can't remember when I met you but you are a near spitting image of Jesus (similar to Edgar and not as closely replicated but still there). Don't let his quietness fool you, he is a party animal like the best of them.

1. Looks like Jesus 
2. Survived living with Brad away at school and Graduated a half year early 
3. While I was freezing at the RHCP concert last year, he was lending me his K-rock shirt he won because he was too hot
4. Worked for an Urban radio Station (intern) in the citylast summer

Tim - I met ye sometime in my life 4 years ago, but can't remember when. You sport a lovely cowboy hat and since you went to North Carolina, you obtained the sexiest of accents.
1. He's not a playa (But he will sure as hell call YOU one)
2. Brought a little bit of North Carolina back home with him in the cowboy hat and Accent
3. Introduced us to 'She thinks my tractors sexy', Jimmy Buffet, and NAPPER'S
4a. Works for the FBI in Washington DC. I cannot say anymore or else I will be hunted down :-X
4b. First of Cliq to move away

Linda - When Ev and Linda officially started dating on 1/1/00 it all began there. Not too many ladies have a laid back, I could give too shits what you think and I'll still kick your ass in poker attittude.
Career Highlights -
1. The Cliq has had some Monsterous Volleyball games in her pool as well as some kick ass BBQ's.
2. Excellent poker player
3. Has been to every 'Cher' concert known to man...even before she was born.

Jackie - While persuing one girl, Jackie wound up hanging out more then she and became a near regular in the cliq. She's a laid back girl who definetly enjoy just going out for whatever.
Career Highlights - 
1. Can consume the most alcohol out of any female I know....However she can't hold it in all the time :-D
2. Straight Irish and Red hair.
3. Has the Greatest boyfriend of all time in Brian who likes to buy drinks for everyone at the clubs.
4. As outgoing as she is on the outside (and in), she really is a good listener.

Deb - Eldest memory I have is at Jen's party. I can't even remember what that party was for though. Maybe 4th of July. Became very social and is like a different person from when we first met.
Career Highlights -
1. Can drink 8 sweet drinks and, although she gets piss drunk, does not pass out or vomit....yaaaaay
2. Graduated Potsdam College
3. May be moving to Virginia (the second of the cliq to move away (see Tim Kennery)

Stevie - First started hanging out with, and got to really know, this, the brother of Evan, during the Cancun trip last July.
Career Highlights -
1. Scored many times on me in my only 2 stints ever of playing Hockey when I was goalie last year.
2. The best 'haggler' I've ever met (based on Cancun trip).
3. Diehard Ranger fan who has become immune to there suckiness
4. Poker = Stevie

Eddie (Odie) (Brother of Mike) - Met around same time as meeting the almighty Mikey.Was always the annoying little brother that no one liked. Has since come around.
Career Highlights -
1. According to Eddie himself, while he worked at Countyline bowl, has bowled a couple of 300 games.
2. Addicted to poker
3. Grandma got gum (inside joke to the Munificent 7)
4. Has dated girls of all size

Andy (brother of Matt) - Barely making it into the Cliq by his summer (including Cancun) chillings. Andy recently changed his hair style and goutee making him a different man. Goes to UCONN. Chris and Andy are 20 minutes apart from each other (schoolwise) and chill while at school.
Career Highlights -
1. When drunk, it's always about the Foleys
2. Plays us in poker by cashing out early and going to Atlantic City to spend his winnings...
3. Not following his Father and Brothers footsteps, as mentioned above, he decided to go to UCONN instead of Notre Dame.

Mac - The latest edition, however a long time friend whom I've known for as long at the Munificent 7. In my opinion, he made his official debut on Halloween at Muls. Super Sumoman.
Career Highlights -
1. Super Sumoman and possibly the only black guy at Muls on Halloween
2. The first official Non Caucasion member of the Cliq
3. He and Sean are team D2D just like DTD (Damn the Dom)